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Peter M. SwartzMichael C. Markowitz
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Following a 1-page summary and several pages of background material, the heart of the study is a discussion of changes in the Organization of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV), organized by decade.

Each decade section starts with a listing of significant changes during that decade; provides a few representative organization charts highlighting those changes; and then discusses a handful of significant issue areas in greater depth. (The issues listed above for the 1970s are repeated for each succeeding decade).

Finally, there is a brief presentation of some overall conclusions and observations that derive from the preceding data and discussion, and a listing of the written references consulted. (A listing of subject matter experts consulted can be found inside the front cover).

A glossary spelling out acronyms and abbreviations concludes the paper.

Readers only wishing to trace the overall evolution of the OPNAV staff chronologically should just consult the “Significant changes” and “Selected organizational charts” sections for each decade. Readers interested in more detail on the evolution of OPNAV organization for a specific issue area, such as preparing for the POM build (“program planning,” later “program appraisal”), should read the sections for each decade on the appropriate issue area, in sequence.

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Approved for Public Release. Specific authority: N00014-05-D-0500.


  • Pages: 124
  • Document Number: CAB D0020997.A5/2Rev
  • Publication Date: 1/1/2010
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