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For nearly 30 years, CNA has applied research, analysis, and technical assistance to solve complex problems in the public and government sectors. We work with more than 450 agencies and organizations to analytically assess challenges and develop responses that promote public safety, reduce violence, prevent crime, address victim needs and services, and improve police and corrections operations. Through methodologically sound scientific research grounded in field operations analysis and assistance—and through our close connections with justice agency management and operations—we help local, state, and federal organizations achieve practical results that save lives, promote justice, and improve trust and accountability in justice system agencies.


A national leader in criminal justice research, we specialize in translating academic research into practice in the field. By harnessing research findings, sophisticated analysis and a robust understanding of systems, we encourage our nation’s criminal justice leaders to approach problems differently, with an evidence base that promotes safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Our justice research includes
the following:

  • A test and evaluation of a micro-jamming technology implemented in a prison system to prevent the use of contraband cell phones
  • An evaluation of a crime reporting application deployed by the Milwaukee Police Department to improve information sharing with members of the public and address violence in and around schools
  • A rigorous, quasi-experimental evaluation of a comprehensive reentry program in Orange County, California, for individuals released from jail and suffering from mild to moderate mental health or substance use disorders
  • A randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of the St Louis, Missouri Police Partnership,  a deterrence program that focuses on home visits
  • A randomized controlled trial examining the implementation of body-worn cameras in the Loudoun County, Virginia, jail system
  • A randomized experiment with body-worn cameras in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that produced strong evidence that the cameras reduce use-of-force incidents and complaints against police officers, increase proactive policing responses, and save money
  • A study to identify how protective equipment usage in adult correctional facilities affects officer injuries and safety
  • A comprehensive analysis of law enforcement agency use of common operational picture technology, which allows multiple agencies to share information during emergencies.


CNA conducts evaluative and action-oriented research grounded in operational realities. For example, our research on the impact of technology in the justice system—through studies of body-worn cameras, correctional officer safety, common operational picture programs, and critical incident response—informs the criminal justice field about promising practices and opportunities for improvement. With funding from the National Institute of Justice, we have conducted a variety of research studies.

CNA also works with law enforcement agencies in diverse locations on comprehensive analyses of use-of-force incidents, traffic stops, complaints, police shootings and community engagement practices. Locations include Fayetteville, NC; Las Vegas, NV; Philadelphia, PA; Spokane, WA; Maricopa County, AZ; Charleston, SC; Albuquerque, NM; and Puerto Rico.

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  • Publication Date: 4/15/2022