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Q. What is StaffLabTM?

StaffLabTM is a suite of tools that helps leaders make smart decisions. By exploring and testing organizational changes in a laboratory-like setting, leaders have the chance to gather as much insight and information as possible to inform major organizational decisions such as redesigns, without the risk of a pilot or full implementation. StaffLab brings leaders the most realistic, thorough information possible to support their decision-making.

StaffLab incorporates design thinking, wargaming, and data-rich analysis to best serve our clients.

Q. How does StaffLab differ from CNA research studies?

StaffLab complements our research program by providing the testing ground for organizational changes prior to their implementation. Studies are ideal for defining and exploring the decision space for organizational change. Unlike research studies, however, StaffLab tests planned organizational structures under realistic conditions. StaffLab can be leveraged independently or in concert with a study. Used on its own, StaffLab is ideal for organizations who know where they want to go but want more certainty that the change will deliver the desired results. Alongside a study, StaffLab can help assess options available for change or "prove out" and refine study recommendations. No one else offers a way to test an organizational design with real people but without real risks.

Q. Is this the same as a wargame?

StaffLab is an immersive testing platform that includes elements of design thinking, wargaming, and analytics. Organizational wargaming is a component of this service but does not stand alone. Unlike some traditional types of wargames, it also yields quantitative data that are further analyzed at the conclusion of the game.

Q. What do I gain from using StaffLab?

According to a McKinsey survey, most reorganizations fail. StaffLab alleviates much of the guesswork that makes major management decisions daunting and replaces it with data-driven, pre-tested actions. We do sea trials of ships before delivering them to our military — why would we not do the same for our organizations? StaffLab can help fill the gap between planning and execution and help ensure that major organizational changes are made with the best possible information.

Q. How do I find out more about StaffLab?

Email Simone Robers,, to learn more!

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  • Publication Date: 6/23/2021