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Wargaming is an important tool that can help leaders make the right decisions. At CNA, we firmly believe that the cycle of research — which includes wargaming, analysis and exercises — is the best way to evaluate any dilemma faced by an organization. The right combination of these tools gives decision-makers confidence that they understand the risks, potential rewards, and universe of challenges extending from the decisions they must take.

In order to get the most out of your wargame, we would like you to consider your answers to the questions listed below. They will help us to
understand your motivations for sponsoring a wargame with CNA, what you would like to get out of the wargame, and the limits within which we will need to operate. Finally, it will help us develop a common vocabulary about your wargame to ensure that we fully understand each other during the critical first steps of the wargame design process.

Question 1: What is your organization’s desired outcome as a result of the wargame? What do you want the wargame to enable your organization to do?

Question 2: What objective should players pursue in the wargame? What things do you want the players to produce during its execution? What do you want to have in hand at the game’s conclusion?

Question 3: What constraints (“must do”), restraints (“can’t do”), and conditions (“should do,” boundaries) will limit the execution of the wargame?

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  • Publication Date: 10/20/2021