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There is no algorithm for designing organizations and no proof before implemented that they can satisfy a need. And yet, senior leaders are regularly faced with the need to create organizations and the expectation that they will meet their intent. More challenging still, they must rationalize their resource requests for standing up the organization.

By combining our deep expertise in military organizational design and boutique wargame development capability, CNA offers a campaign plan that purpose builds and stress tests an organization—and provides analytic justification for all elements of the design. Using the “cycle of analysis” first described by CNA’s world-renowned wargaming expert, Dr. Peter Perla, we leverage organizational studies, wargames, and analysis to progressively develop and refine organizations from initial oncept to final manning document.

This process is tailorable to the needs of each problem. With CNA’s unique combination of analytic and wargaming expertise, we can assist existing organizations refine their roles, structure, processes, or sizing and can assist in the development of a new organization from a “clean sheet.”

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  • Publication Date: 7/17/2019