Arlington, VA

Our hearts are heavy following news this week of the passing of our friend and colleague, retired U.S. Army General Gordon Sullivan. Gen. Sullivan is celebrated for his many achievements over a lengthy military career, including serving as the 32nd Chief of Staff of the Army. After retiring from military service, he continued in leadership roles at the Association of the United States Army, the Army Historical Foundation, and CNA, where he was a thoughtful and tireless advocate for climate security.

In 2007, Gen. Sullivan chaired the CNA Military Advisory Board, the first group of generals and admirals to address the national security implications of climate change. Gen. Sullivan's work helped increase awareness globally that climate change was a threat multiplier, of concern to all who work in national security.

Sherri Goodman, founder of CNA's Military Advisory Board, reflected: "So many of us are blessed to have known General Sullivan. I count myself among them. He represents the best of America and the best in all of us."

Cherie Rosenblum, CNA's Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and current executive director of CNA's Military Advisory Board also lauded his impact at CNA: "General Sullivan led the way for the Military Advisory Board’s seminal work on national security and the threat of climate change. He served as a mentor to many at CNA, and his voice continues to echo across the field as work on climate security has matured and expanded. I personally am privileged to have known him and know that much of the progress in this area has been the direct result of his leadership and support on the issue."

Sullivan's impact on CNA permeates throughout the organization and has left an indelible mark on our legacy.