Arlington, VA

CNA honored Research Scientist Dr. Mallory Ladd and Research Analyst Samantha Hay with the CNA Deployer Award for lengthy tours at sea. Ladd deployed on USS Carl Vinson with Carrier Strike Group 1 from July 2021 to February 2022. Hay has been deployed on USS Harry S Truman with Carrier Strike Group 8 since November 2021.

“These individuals made the sacrifice of spending several months at sea or in combat zones," said CNA President and CEO Dr. Katherine McGrady. “The work they do while away from their families and friends is an important contributor to the success of the forward deployed Navy and supports this nation’s security.”

Mallory Ladd’s analysis supported integrated operations in the Hawaiian Islands operating area with the U.S. Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. In the Western Pacific, Philippine Sea, and South China Sea, she designed and directed experiments to test and validate tactics, techniques, and procedures while the strike group conducted dual carrier operations and multinational exercises. Ladd’s assessment of the “Air Wing of the Future” and the first carrier deployment of the F-35C and CMV-22B was recognized by command leadership as something that enhanced operational outcomes and that will help prepare future CSGs. Another project with impact was Ladd’s analysis of information exchange between the airwing and the information warfare organization to improve strike planning and signal protection and control.

“Embedding with a strike group staff and seeing your recommendations implemented by the command in real time is one of the most professionally fulfilling things I’ve experienced," said Ladd. "I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and so thankful to all those who supported me.”

Samantha Hay is still at sea on one of the longest deployments by a CNA field representative in recent years. Harry S Truman became the first nuclear-powered carrier to enter the restrictive waters of the North Aegean Sea and conduct air policing operations. Hay’s report on the operational costs and benefits of carrier operations in the Aegean was respected by the highest levels of command. Other significant analytical contributions by Hay have included analyzing satellite access requests and authorizations, tracking COVID infections, investigating ship mental health issues, and analyzing emerging supply and logistics issues.

Other CNA awards presented this week included the Phil E. DePoy Award for Analytical Excellence, presented to Dr. James Baney; the Mary Ann Pianka-Carey Kellam Award for Exceptional Service, presented to Elizabeth Collins; and the CEO Teamwork Award for Superior Performance, presented to the CNA Inclusive National Security Team consisting of Elizabeth Cutler, Zoe Dutton, Pamela Faber, Zack Gold, Kaia Haney, Elizabeth Lee, Megan McBride, Emily Mushen, and Annaleah Westerhaug.