Arlington, VA

Today CNA honored Principal Research Scientist Dr. James Baney as the winner of the Phil E. DePoy Award for Analytical Excellence for 2021. Dr. Baney has been with CNA for 22 years, during which he has been the lead analyst for important projects at the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security focused on grants management modernization, data and analytics modernization, and COVID-19.

CNA annually awards the Phil E. DePoy Award for Analytical Excellence to recognize an employee who has shown exceptional analytical contributions.

“Jim’s success should serve as a reminder of what is possible when each of us is truly dedicated to continuous improvement—of ourselves, of our organization, and of our government,” said Vice President and Director of CNA Safety and Security David Kaufman.

Dr. Baney led an analysis that helped establish the FEMA Grants Management Modernization program and spent five years helping it evolve.  Today, its online platform, FEMA GO, is live and being used by FEMA staff, firefighters, and emergency managers across the country Dr. Baney and CNA have continued to support FEMA’s major modernization programs, most recently focused on data and analytics. Dr. Baney also supported a series of high profile COVID-19 pandemic response analyses for the Department of Homeland Security.

“Jim is a shining example of the qualities we search for in a CNA analyst,” said CNA President and CEO Dr. Katherine McGrady. “His analytical thought process, taking a step back and asking whether the original question posed to CNA is fundamentally the question that needs to be answered, is a trait Jim Baney shares with Phil DePoy.”

Phil DePoy had a distinguished career at CNA and led the organization as president until his retirement in 1990.

Other awards presented today included the CNA Deployer Award for lengthy tours at sea presented to Mallory Ladd and Samantha Hay; the Mary Ann Pianka-Carey Kellam Award for Exceptional Service presented to Elizabeth Collins; and the CEO Teamwork Award for Superior Performance presented to the CNA Inclusive NatSec Team consisting of Elizabeth Cutler, Zoe Dutton, Pamela Faber, Zack Gold, Kaia Haney, Elizabeth Lee, Megan McBride and Emily Mushen.