Arlington, VA

CNA Corporation today announced that Dr. Andrew S. Mara has been named Executive Vice President of the Center for Naval Analyses, which is the Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) that provides research and analysis for the Department of the Navy.

Andrew Mara

“Dr. Mara brings two decades of experience as a researcher in academia and government, including experience in every aspect of analysis for the Department of Defense. He has seen the spectrum of issues that impact our national security and how analysis can support those issues and provide actionable solutions,” said CNA President and CEO Dr. Katherine McGrady. “He also understands the value of real-world analysis, which is the foundation of CNA’s highly regarded field program that has supported Naval operations for nearly 80 years,” she said.

Mara has served as CNA’s Vice President and Director of the Systems, Tactics, and Force Development Division since March 2021. During his tenure he worked to align CNA’s research to the most pressing challenges facing the Navy.

“I am very excited to take on this new challenge at CNA. I am committed to ensure that our research is making the maximum impact, helping the Navy and the Department of Defense tackle the threats and challenges in this era of strategic competition,” Mara said.

Prior to joining CNA, Mara spent 11 years as an analyst, division director and Deputy Director in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation (CAPE). He led a team working in areas ranging from capabilities, risks and operational impacts to costs of nuclear, missile defense, cyber, space, hypersonic missiles, manpower and medical investments. He led the department’s program review for three budget cycles, providing analysis that informed options on $200 billion in investments. He also led the first space force structure assessment, informing billions of dollars in investments. He received a 2021 Office of the Secretary of Defense President Rank Meritorious Award which recognizes exceptional professionalism, technical and scientific achievement. Past recognition of his exemplary government service includes the Medal for Meritorious Civil Service in 2016.

Mara holds a doctorate in molecular, cellular and developmental biology from Yale University and a dual bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and economics from the University of California, San Diego. Read his full biography on CNA’s website.