Arlington, VA

CNA's Center for Naval Analyses has deployed a team of 50 analysts to commands around the world that are participating in the Navy’s Large Scale Exercise (LSE) 2021. The analysts will take the lead in gathering and synthesizing data to support assessments of distributed maritime operations (DMO).

According to CEO Dr. Katherine McGrady, CNA has played an active role leading up to LSE 2021, developing a standardized assessment framework for each DMO capability to ensure there was a common understanding of its importance and how it should be executed and assessed.

"Prior to the LSE, CNA performed analyses of DMO concepts through fleet battle problem events that were intended to shape and inform the exercise as a capstone event. These frameworks provide the Navy with a clear and reproducible understanding of whether or not it can execute DMO capabilities against a challenging adversary and, if not, what improvement must be made," said McGrady.

The Large Scale Exercise was designed to reinforce the Chief of Naval Operations’ effort to set the stage for advancing naval doctrine and tactics by integrating Fleet operations to validate DMO capabilities.

CNA’s team will inform the Navy’s initial assessments in the days following the exercise, and will provide more detailed analysis and assessments over the course of the next several months.

Since World War II, CNA has embedded analysts at commands around the world. These "field representatives" gather data and answer some of the most complex questions facing commanders. They follow their commands through exercises and operations, sometimes spending months at sea. CNA has supported every major exercise and conflict involving the Navy or Marines since World War II, providing commanders and their staff with independent scientific expertise.