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AI with AI

Episode : All Good Things

For the final (for now?) episode of AI with AI, Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, including a political declaration from the US Department of State on the responsible military use of AI and autonomy. NATO begins work on an AI certification standard. The IEEE introduces a new program that provides free access to AI ethics and governance standards. Reported in February, but performed in December, A joint Dept of Defense team performed 12 flight tests (over 17 hours) in which AI agents piloted Lockheed Martin’s X-62A VISTA, an F-16 variant. Andy provides a run-down of a large number of recent ChatGPT-related stories. Wolfram “explains” how ChatGPT works. Paul Scharre publishes Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of AI. And to come full circle, we began this podcast 6 years ago with the story of AlphaGo beating the world champion. So we close the podcast with news that a non-professional Go player, Kellin Pelrine, beat a top AI system 14 games to one having discovered a ‘not super-difficult method for humans to beat the machines. A heartfelt thanks to you all for listening over the years!

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate