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AI with AI

Episode 5.5: Is it Alive or is it Xeno-rex?

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, starting with the US Department of Defense creating a new position of the Chief Digital and AI Officer, subsuming the Joint AI Center, the Defense Digital Service, and the office of the Chief Data Officer [0:32]. Member states of UNESCO adopt the first-ever global agreement on the ethics of AI, which includes recommendations on protecting data, banning social scoring and mass surveillance, helping to monitor and evaluate, and protecting the environment [3:26]. The European Digital Rights and 119 civil society organizations launch a collective call for an AI Act to articulate fundamental rights (for humans) regarding AI technology and research [6:02]. The Future of Life Institute releases Slaughterbots 2.0: “if human: kill()” ahead of the 3rd session in Geneva of the Group of Governmental Experts discussing lethal autonomous weapons systems [7:15]. In research, Xenobots 3.0, the living robots made from frog cells, demonstrate the ability to replicate themselves kinematically, at least for a couple of generations (extended to four generations by using an evolutionary algorithm to model ideal structures for replication) [12:23]. And researchers from DeepMind, Oxford, and Sydney demonstrate the ability to collaborate with machine learning algorithms to discover new results in mathematics (in knot theory and representation theory); though another researcher attempts to dampen the utility of the claims. [17:57] And finally, Dr. Mike Stumborg joins Dave and Andy to discuss research in Human-Machine Teaming, why it’s important, and where the research will be going [21:44].

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate