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AI with AI

Episode 5.20: Searching for Robot Pincher

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, including an announcement from DeepMind that it is freely providing a database of 200+ million protein structures as predicted by AlphaFold. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems demonstrate how a robot dog can learn to walk in about one hour using a Bayesian optimization algorithm. A chess-playing robot breaks the finger of a seven-year-old boy during a chess match in Moscow. A bill with the Senate Armed Services Committee would require the Department of Defense to accelerate the fielding of new technology to defeat drone swarms. The Chief of Naval Operations Navigation Plan 2022 aims to add 150 uncrewed vessels by 2045. The text-to-image transformer DALL-E is now available in beta. Researchers at Columbia University use an algorithm to identify possible state variables from the observation of systems (such as a double pendulum) and discover “alternate physics”; the algorithm discovers the intrinsic dimension of the observed dynamics and identifies a candidate set of state variables, but in most cases, the scientists found it difficult (if not impossible) to decode those variables to known phenomena. Wolfram Media and Etienne Bernard make Introduction to Machine Learning: Mathematica available for free. And Jeff Edmonds and Sam Bendett join for a discussion on their latest report, Russian Military Autonomy in Ukraine: Four Months In – a closer look at the use of unmanned systems by both Russian and Ukraine.

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate