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AI with AI

Episode 5.14: Leggo my Stego!

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and search, including a report from the Government Accountability Office, recommending that the Department of Defense should improve its AI strategies and other AI-related guidance [1:25]. Another GAO report finds that the Navy should improve its approach to uncrewed maritime systems, particularly in its lack of accounting for the full costs to develop and operate such systems, but also recommends the Navy establish an “entity” with oversight for the portfolio [4:01]. The Army is set to launch a swarm of 30 small drones during the 2022 Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise (EDGE 22), which will be the largest group of air-launched effects the Army has tested [5:55]. DoD announces its new Chief Digital and AI Officer, Dr. Craig Martell, former head of machine learning for Lyft, and the Naval Postgraduate School [7:47]. And the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) takes over operational control of Project Maven’s GEOINT AI services [9:55]. Researchers from Princeton and the University of Chicago create a deep learning model of “superficial face judgments,” that is, how humans judge impressions of what people are like, based on their faces; the researchers note that their dataset deliberately reflects bias [12:05]. And researchers from MIT, Cornell, Google, and Microsoft present a new method for completely unsupervised label assignments to images, with STEGO (self-supervised transformer with energy-based graph optimization), allowing the algorithm to find consistent groupings of labels in a largely automated fashion [18:35]. And provides a “research discovery” tool, leveraging GPT-3 to provide insights and ideas to research topics [24:24].

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate