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AI with AI

Episode 5.13: The Amulet of NeRFdor

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, including a proposal from the Ada Lovelace Institute with 18 recommendations to strengthen the EU AI Act. [0:57] NVidia updates its Neural Radiance Fields to Instant NeRF, which can reconstruct a 3D scene from 2D images nearly 1000 times faster than other implementations. [2:53] Nearly 100 Chinese-affiliated researchers publish a 200-page position paper about large-scale models, a “roadmap.” [4:13] In research, GoogleAI introduces PaLM (Pathway Language Model), at 540B parameters, which demonstrates the ability for logical inference and joke explanation. [7:09] OpenAI announces DALL-E 2, the successor to its previous image-from-text generator, which is no longer confused by mislabeling an item; though interestingly demonstrates greater resolution and diversity to similar technology from OpenAI, GLIDE, but not rated as well by humans, and DALL-E 2 still has challenges with ‘binding attributes.’ [11:32] A white paper from Gary Marcus look at ‘Deep Learning Is Hitting a Wall: What would it take for AI to make real progress?’ which includes an examination of a symbol-manipulation system that beat the best deep learning systems at playing ASCII game NetHack. [16:10] And Professor Chad Jenkins from the University of Michigan returns to discuss the latest new developments, including new Department of Robotics, and a new robotics undergraduate degree. [19:10]

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate