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AI with AI

Episode 3.7: 20,000 Layers Under the CNN

Andy and Dave discuss the full release of the algorithm that originally had to be locked up for the safety of humanity (GPT-2). NATO releases its final reports on the implications of AI for NATO’s Armed Forces. The US Army Research Lab wraps up a series of events on its efforts in robotics collaborative technology. The UAE announces the world’s first graduates level AI University opening in September 2020. And John Carmack announces he will step down at CTO of Oculus to tackle the challenge of artificial general intelligence, as a Victorian Gentleman Scientist. In research, two independent research groups introduce adversarial T-shirts. A report examines the taxonomy of real faults in deep learning systems. Krohn, Deyleveld, and Bassens publish Deep Learning Illustrated. The Nov/Dec issue of MIT Technology Review features a variety of AI and related stories. And Manuel Blum of CMU discusses Towards a Conscious AI: A Computer Architecture Inspired by Neuroscience.

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate