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AI with AI

Episode 3.3: The Quantum Menace

In news items, Microsoft wins bid for the Pentagon’s $10B Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract. DARPA’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2), which aimed to create devices that work together to optimize spectrum use, names GatorWings (from the University of Florida) as the winner. A report from the Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered AI calls for the US Government to invest $120B in the nation’s AI ecosystem over the next 10 years. And CSET provides a translation of Russia’s National AI Strategy. In research, Google announces Quantum Supremacy, that is, they perform a calculation with Sycamore, their 53-qubit computer, taking 200 seconds to perform, that a classical computer “cannot” (saying that it would take 10,000 years). In response, IBM postulated that a classical computer could take advantage of hard drive space to do the calculation in a couple days. In reports, the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) publishes an examination of China’s Access to Foreign AI Technology, particularly noting that China’s “copycat” reputation oversimplifies its indigenous science and technology capacity and ability to innovate. Geist and Blumenthal from RAND pen “Military Deception: AI’s Killer App” for War on the Rocks, in response to the National Security Commission on AI’s call for ideas.. Stuart Russell releases Human Compatible, where he describes his approach to avoiding the threat of superhuman AI destroying civilization, which includes inherent uncertainty about the human preferences that they are required to satisfy. For resources, Nikola Plesa provides a centralized list of the biggest datasets available for machine learning. And “Bosstown Dynamics” by Corridor Digital provides a humorous look at military robots.

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate