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AI with AI

Episode 3.11: Fakers of the Lost Architecture

Andy and Dave discuss a new White House proposal on Principles for AI Regulation. A NIST study examines the effects of race, age, and sex on recognition software and identifies a variety of troubling issues. Facebook removes hundreds of accounts with AI-generated fake profile photos, and Facebook also bans the posting of deepfake videos (with some caveats). And Finland is making its online AI course available for the rest of the world. In research, Uber AI Labs offers a novel approach to accelerating neural architectural search by learning to generate synthetic training data; but the scientific community doesn’t think the findings are quite yet ready for publishing. Researchers at Korea University create an Evolvable Neural Unit (ENU) as a way to approximate the function of an individual neuron and synapse. And researchers at Charite in Berlin show that a single human biological neuron can compute XOR, previously thought not possible. Human-Centered AI at Standard University releases 2019 Annual Report on its AI Index, examining various trends and research in AI in 2019. The Center for a New American Security releases its full report on A Blueprint for Action in AI. Rafael Irizarry provides an Introduction to Data Science. And the video of the week is the debate between Yoshua Bengio and Gary Marcus on the current and future state of research in AI.

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate