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AI with AI

Episode 2.32: Who Manipulates the Manipulators? (Part 1)

Andy and Dave discuss early thoughts from the House Intelligence Committee hearing on deep fakes, manipulated media, and AI; artists take a shot at Mark Zuckerberg to demonstrate the power of fake videos; the House Armed Services Committee doubles Joint AI funding; Google AI releases the Google Research Football Environment; a study examines the amount of CO2 released when training AI models; Microsoft provides an AI curriculum for government decision-makers; Microsoft also removes access to a database with 10 million “celebrity” images; and Rodney Brooks and Gary Marcus launch startup Robust.AI, which aims to build the first industrial-grade cognitive platform for robots. Research from CMU, Google AI, and Stanford “peeks into the future” by predicting the future activities and locations of people in videos.

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate