Officer Safety
and Wellness

Using data-driven research and analysis, the Center for Justice Research and Innovation works with law enforcement agencies to identify the characteristics associated with positive safety and wellness outcomes, and provides targeted technical assistance designed to improve officer readiness.

Officer Readiness Assessment Tool

This tool helps law enforcement explore current wellness capacities and provides solutions to make officers and communities safer.

Report Full Report: The Use and Effectiveness of Safety Equipment in Correctional Facilities Across the United States
Correctional Officer Safety is a matter of training, attitude, purchase and maintenance of personal safety equipment.
Report Quick Glimpse: The Use and Effectiveness of Safety Equipment in Correctional Facilities Across the United States
Don’t have enough time to read the full report? This summary highlights what you need to know about the Correctional Officer Safety Report.
Podcast Episode 52: Correctional Officer Safety
In this episode of CNA Talks, Zoë Thorkildsen discusses her research on correctional officer safety.
Using Analytics to Improve Officer Safety
In collaboration with BJA and under the VALOR Initiative, CNA is using machine learning techniques to produce a risk assessment model linking incident characteristics with threat to officer injury.

The Use of Predictive Analytics in Policing

This brief provides a resource for law enforcement agencies and their stakeholders interested in learning more about the role of predictive analytics in police operations.

Using Risk Assessment Models to Improve Officer Safety

CNA analysts presented at the virtual 2021 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Officer Safety and Wellness Symposium highlighting The Use of Predictive Analytics in Policing brief.

Law Enforcement Officer Safety Risks and Recommendations

CNA analysts have developed an accessible resource for law enforcement agencies, line officers, and their stakeholders to help develop targeted training, policies, and practices to promote officer safety while in the line of duty.

Bureau of Justice Assistance
Effective Community Responses to Mental Health Crises

A National Curriculum for Law Enforcement Based on Best Practices in Crisis Intervention

  • This course expands the reach of crisis intervention strategies to law enforcement agencies and encourages the development of mental health community-law enforcement partnership teams.
  • The curriculum contains 25 modules on various behavioral health and law enforcement topics with the flexibility to customize with special topics and local information.
  • It is available at no cost to police agencies and mental health authorities.
Ambushes of Police
Comprehensive study of ambushes of police, 2004–2011, and an after-action report of two LVPD police officers in December 2014.

Las Vegas After-Action Report

Lessons learned from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s response to the ambush of two officers followed by an active shooter incident in June 2014.

Ambushes of Police: Environment, Incident Dynamics, and the Aftermath of Surprise Attacks Against Law Enforcement

This ambush report investigates methods for preventing, responding to, and surviving ambushes.

Advancing 21st Century Policing: Precision Policing Initiative

CNA developed this toolkit to help law enforcement agencies across the nation to share information about promising programs.

CNA Officer Safety Experts