Resources and Force Readiness

In 1962, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara encouraged the introduction of corporate business practices and cost-benefit analyses into Department of Defense decision-making processes. As part of this push, economists and cost analysts integrated into the Center for Naval Analyses. CNA’s Resources and Force Readiness division descends directly from that founding group of analysts.

Resources and Force Readiness analysts help address critical resource allocation challenges faced by the Navy, Marine Corps and other services. Sponsors and clients use the division’s research to help develop, evaluate and implement policies and programs that make their people, budgets and assets more effective and efficient.

  • Navy Compensation and Personnel Policy - Ann Parcell, Director
  • Health Analytics and Medical Readiness - Chris Meyer, Director
  • Energy, Infrastructure, and Environment - Ron Filadelfo, Director
  • Marine Corps and Defense Workforce - Jennifer L. Griffin, Director
  • Navy Manning, Education, and Training - Ann Parcell, Director