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Game It.

Gaming and Integration Program

Gaming and Integration designs, facilitates and analyzes wargames for a wide variety of military commands and government agencies. CNA develops customized designs, tailoring each game type, scenario and move to address the game sponsor’s most complex problems. Our design philosophy emphasizes the learning that comes from creative decision-making, rather than identifying winners and losers. Each game draws upon CNA’s deep expertise in national security operations and strategy.

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inform the decisions, 
builds the data, 
perfect the actions — so that 
have a solid foundation for success.

Microgames to Print and Play

CNA’s wargame designers have created a range of microgames that anyone can print and play—a hint of the wide array of wargames CNA designs. Through these “PNP” microgames, players will begin to appreciate the utility and limitations of gaming as an analytical methodology and educational tool. They will also get a glimpse inside various military and national security problems—all while having fun. Most of our microgames require nothing more than a pair of scissors, a pen, and perhaps a pair of dice. Enjoy!

CNA is a proud supporter of 
Derby House Principles 


Christopher Ma, Research Program Director
Jeremy Sepinsky, Lead Wargame Designer