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Cherie Rosenblum

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Executive Director of the CNA Military Advisory Board

Cherie Rosenblum is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and serves as the Executive Director of the CNA Military Advisory Board. As vice president, she leads corporate initiatives across CNA and works to expand our presence in the homeland defense and national security communities. For more than a decade, Rosenblum has worked with researchers and scientists across CNA to connect their work — and their ideas — with federal agencies, foundations and the international community.

The CNA Military Advisory Board, which Rosenblum manages, is a group of senior flag and general officers who examine emerging international security threats, in partnership with CNA analysts. This work has expanded both national and global understanding of the connections between climate, food, water and national security. Since 2015, Rosenblum has also supported CNA wargamers in the development of climate security wargames and exercises designed to bolster understanding of the connections between natural resource scarcity and global security.

Rosenblum joined CNA in 1999, providing economic and policy research to the Department of Defense on program performance, privatization, outsourcing and infrastructure. She helped launch CNA’s environment and energy research program in 2008, directing initiatives focused on energy and climate for the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, the intelligence community and private foundations.

Before joining CNA, Rosenblum was a research fellow at LMI, a transportation consultant for David M. Griffith and Associates, and a program analyst supporting the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Rosenblum holds a master’s degree in environmental policy from the University of Maryland and a bachelor of science degree in economics from Rochester Institute of Technology.