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Alison KaufmanChristopher CairnsApril Herlevi
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PRC laws, policies, and regulations could:

  • Provide incentives for PRC actors to acquire specific technologies from abroad
  • Allow PRC firms to evade measures by foreign countries to protect technologies
  • Provide a legal foundation for the PRC government to access sensitive corporate data from foreign-owned firms
  • Enable interruption of foreign countries’ defense industrial base or supply chains
  • Provide the PRC with tools to retaliate against foreign firms that comply with sanctions
  • Provide a legal foundation to detain non-PRC citizens living in China, Hong Kong, and Macau
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DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Unlimited Distribution; Approved for Public Release.


  • Pages: 24
  • Document Number: DAB-2022-U-031814-Final
  • Publication Date: 3/16/2022
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