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Informal translation by the CNA Russia Studies Program
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I. General provisions

  • These Foundations are a strategic planning document in the field of assuring defense and reflect official views on the essence of nuclear deterrence, define military dangers and threats for the neutralization of which nuclear deterrence is carried out, the principles of nuclear deterrence, as well as the conditions for the transition of the Russian Federation to the employment of nuclear weapons.
  • Guaranteed deterrence of a potential adversary from aggression against the Russian Federation and (or) its allies is one of the highest state priorities. The deterrence of aggression is ensured by the totality of the military might of the Russian Federation, including nuclear weapons.
  • The state policy of the Russian Federation in the area of nuclear deterrence (hereafter referred to as state policy in the area of nuclear deterrence) is a set of coordinated, unified by a common concept1 political, military, military-technical, diplomatic, economic, information, and other measures carried out relying on the forces and means of nuclear deterrence, to prevent aggression against the Russian Federation and (or) its allies.
  • The state policy in the area of nuclear deterrence is of a defensive nature, aimed at maintaining the potential of nuclear forces at a level sufficient to ensure nuclear deterrence, and guarantees the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, deterrence in the event of an outbreak of a military conflict—the preclusion2 of the escalation of military actions and their cessation on conditions acceptable to the Russian Federation and (or) its allies.
  • The Russian Federation views nuclear weapons exclusively as a means of deterrence, the use of which is an extreme and compelled measure,3 and is making all the necessary efforts to reduce the nuclear threat and not allow the aggravation of interstate relations that could provoke military conflicts, including nuclear ones.
  • The normative-legal framework for these Foundations consists of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, generally accepted principles and norms of international law, international treaties of the Russian Federation in the field of defense and arms control, federal constitutional laws, federal laws, other regulatory legal acts and documents regulating defense issues and security.
  • The provisions of these Foundations are binding on all federal government authorities, other government bodies and  organizations participating in the assurance of nuclear deterrence.
  • These Foundations may come to be clarified depending on external and internal factors affecting how defense may be assured.
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  • Pages: 12
  • Document Number: DIM-2020-U-027358-Final
  • Publication Date: 6/4/2020