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  • October 16, 2018

    Michael McDevitt says, “What this suggests to me is that Beijing is fed up with freedom of navigation operations and elected to violate the memorandum of understanding that the US and China agreed to three years ago about how they behave when warships are around each other.”

    The Guardian: “U.S.-China Tensions Soar as 'New Cold War' Heats Up”

  • October 15, 2018

    Samuel Bendett says, “The US military recognizes that Russian electronic warfare capabilities are evolving to the point where they can pose a threat to US systems.”

    Al-Monitor: “Pentagon Looks to Thwart Russian Tech Attacks in Syria”

  • October 15, 2018

    Zack Gold says, “Al-Ashmawy broke ties with militants in Sinai when they chose to align with ISIS in late 2014, so his capture will have no impact on intelligence for Egyptian operations in North Sinai.”

    Daily News Egypt: “Al-Ashmawy’s Apprehension Is ‘Big Win for Cairo’ but ‘Not Enough to Boost Sinai Operations”

  • October 12, 2018

    Samuel Bendett says, "The relatively unprecedented step of taking [away] a project of this scale and magnitude shows how concerned [Russia's Ministry of Defense, or MOD] is with actual results, given that several Russian design bureaus are also working on long-range ISR and combat UAVs, competing for the same pot of funds that recently fed the Altius project."

    Defense One: "Ukrainian Armed-Drone Makers Sprint Ahead as Russian Effort Hits Snag"

  • October 12, 2018

    Michael Kofman writes, "The United States does need more forces in Europe with capabilities relevant to deterring Russia, but an armored division in Poland is not the right answer."

    War On The Rocks: “Permanently Stationing U.S. Forces in Poland Is a Bad Idea, But One Worth Debating”

  • October 8, 2018

    According to CNA report The U.S.-India Defense Relationship, “In the case of the P-8Is, the absence of secure voice, Link-11, and Link 16 prevented Indian aircraft from participating in secure voice networks or having a common tactical picture during exercises or other operations with U.S. forces or other regional forces that that operate over these voice and data links.”

    The Geopolitics: “India-US COMCASA: Some Details on Technology Sharing”

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CNA Talks Podcast: Episode 19

Russia experts Jeffrey Edmonds and Michael Kofman recap the Helsinki Summit to break down what has been overplayed or overlooked in the debate, what the Russians hoped to get out of the meeting and did or didn't achieve, and the nuances which are often lost in translation between the U.S. and Russian policy communities. Listen now.

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