Center for Data Management and Analytics

CNA’s Center for Data Management and Analytics helps clients harness the full potential of data to address their most important challenges. The center has developed a proven approach and framework for managing data throughout the data chain. We work closely with clients to help them implement practical data management solutions to efficiently transform data into a true business asset, and we use modern data analysis tools and techniques to deliver actionable insights that inform their most important business decisions.


To increase the accuracy and effectiveness of data through applied analytics, direct mission support, and the establishment of data governance and policy.

  • Provide strategic direction through establishment of data governance and policy to transform data into an asset that is available, trustworthy, and secure;
  • Create meaningful data analysis and visualizations that directly apply to business and operational needs; and
  • Provide tailored solutions that are right-sized for our clients’ business needs that are backed by data and operations.


Data Management / Governance—CNA’s experience has shown that for organizations to extract the most value and make informed/data-driven decisions from their enterprise data chain, it is essential to establish an effective data management framework. CNA takes an end-to-end approach to supporting an organization’s data management needs, taking into consideration the need for data governance, policy, control, standardization, and quality among environmental factors such as technology, people, and the organizational culture.

Operations Research Analyses (Data Analytics)—CNA was a pioneer in the field of operations research and applies our expertise in collecting, processing, exploring, analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data for clients across military and civilian departments. We believe to truly gain insights from an organization’s data, a thorough understanding of the operational context in which the data lives is essential. Our expertise includes operations research, geospatial analysis as well as modern approaches to statistical analysis and predictive analytics.

Stakeholder Engagement—CNA believes that to help our clients meet their mission, it is critical to ensure involvement of stakeholders throughout the process to fully understand and define mission objectives, concepts of operation, requirements, data models, and user needs. CNA applies a wide range of interactive approaches – from individual interviews to large-scale user research sessions – to facilitate stakeholder engagement that ensures user needs are understood and met.