Russia Studies Program

Russian city skyline

CNA's work on Russia goes back to studies done on Soviet Naval doctrine in the 1960s. This portfolio has expanded to include work on Russian military modernization, strategy, operations, decision-making, and the Russian way of war. The Russia Studies Program (RSP) includes native speaking Russia analysts with deep knowledge on operational and strategic level issues. Over the last few years, RSP has supported sponsors in a variety of ways, including studies both at the unclassified and classified levels), workshops, conferences, and games.

Our ongoing work provides critical analyses to our nation's leaders. RSP’s core competencies on Russia include:

  • Navy Capabilities, Operations, and Strategy
  • Strategic Calculus and Operational Decision-Making
  • Escalation Management, Deterrence, and Coercion
  • Russian Combat Operations
  • Military Reforms and Defense Modernization Programs
  • Information Operations and Cyber Strategy
  • Nuclear Strategy, Advanced Weapons and Operations Concepts
  • Russian Unmanned Systems and AI

  • Russian Forces in the Southern Military District
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