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CNA Corporation has teams of research analysts and Human Resources professionals that actively participate in career fairs, college recruiting, and professional meetings throughout the year with a focus on diversity. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how you might contribute to CNA Corp., view our Recruiting Events webpage to find out where you can meet and talk with our staff.


We offer research analyst opportunities for people with degrees in engineering, mathematics, economics, physics, chemistry, international relations, national security, history, and many other scientific and professional fields of study. Candidates should have diverse views, be objective, imaginative, process driven, results oriented, and committed to the common good.

Watch “Think CNA” — a video review of CNA Corp. from its beginnings in World War II to the cutting-edge work of its analysts today. Also, watch the video "CNA in the Community" to see how CNA Corporation employees are making a difference in the quality of their communities and in the lives of their friends, neighbors, and the many who are in need. In addition, for a series of videos of our analysts talking about their work at CNA Corp, click here.