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Service Award Recipients
list of CNA analysts who have received service awards from the Department of the Navy
Data and Architecture Management
CNA has expertise in data science, data management, and systems engineering, supporting military and government programs like the Navy’s P2P and FAA’s NOTAMS.
Domestic Safety and Security
CNA has experts in policing, corrections, domestic terrorism, and emergency management, supporting the Department of Justice, FEMA and state and local agencies.
Fleet and Installation Readiness
CNA economists and scientists help the Department of the Navy improve efficiency and effectiveness of shipyards, maintenance bays, sealift vessels, and bases.
Force Readiness
CNA analysis and mathematical models help the Department of Defense and domestic law enforcement to recruit, train, retain, and educate optimal forces.
Future Fleet Concepts
For decades, the Navy and Marine Corps have relied on CNA expertise to help them anticipate future threats and the technology to counter them.
Global Security Environment
CNA has national security experts on North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan. CNA partners with security organizations in Asia, Latin America, Europe (NATO).
Innovation and Communications
CNA experts in machine learning, AI, cybersecurity, autonomy, drones, and data links help DOD, the FAA, and first responders make the most of new technology.
Plans and Strategy
CNA experts in strategy and plans have advised Marine Corps, Navy, homeland security senior leaders for decades, including analysis for today’s force designs.
Strategic Competition
Strategic competition between great powers drives CNA’s holistic analysis of tactical, operational, and strategic performance of U.S., Russian, Chinese forces.