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Service Award Recipients
list of CNA analysts who have received service awards from the Department of the Navy
Data and Architecture Management
Domestic Safety and Security
Fleet and Installation Readiness
Success on the bridge of a ship depends in large part on what happens in shipyards, maintenance bays, sealift vessels and bases. CNA’s deep understanding of all components of fleet and installation readiness has played a pivotal role in significant naval operations for decades. The work of CNA economists was the underpinning of the Base Realignment and Closure process of the 1980s and ‘90s. They helped develop the Maritime Prepositioning concept that got a full brigade of Marines in place for Operation Desert Shield in record time. More recently, data analysts customized machine-learning algorithms to help the Navy solve a maintenance backlog of F-18 Super Hornets.
Force Readiness
Future Fleet Concepts
For decades, the Navy and Marine Corps have relied on CNA expertise to help them anticipate future threats and the technology to counter them. CNA brings unique strengths to the challenge of future fleet concepts:
Global Security Environment
Defense commands rely on CNA’s expertise on the strategic thinking of North Korea’s leaders. Military decision-makers trust our partnerships with security organizations in Asia and Latin America, and our on-site analyses of exercises with NATO forces. Our understanding of the global security environment is grounded in native language expertise and in time spent on location — including many years in Iraq and Afghanistan collecting data to inform command decisions. CNA also focuses on transnational threats such as terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking and piracy.
Innovation and Communications
The 21st century requires new types of expertise that CNA has developed as special areas of focus.
Plans and Strategy
As global power has shifted, as new warfighting domains have opened up, CNA has flexed and expanded its analytical expertise to meet the needs of the Navy, Marine Corps and Department of Defense. But throughout these evolutions, we have maintained a constant focus on the nation’s most capable adversaries. Our approach to great power competition is holistic, ranging from strategic analysis to tactical evaluation. Today, our scientists analyze operations and tactics across an ever-expanding range of warfare domains. Beyond the surface, air and undersea commands we have closely supported for decades, CNA is staying ahead of the latest threats with our Center for Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence and our Cyber Research Program. Great powers are constantly adapting. So is CNA.
Strategic Competition
Our scientists analyze operations and tactics across an ever-expanding range of warfare domains.