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As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, CNA draws on its 75+ years conducting unbiased research and analysis to provide critical insights to our nation on key aspects of the pandemic. The global response to COVID-19 impacts national security from naval operations to domestic emergency preparedness. As the situation continues to evolve, CNA remains committed to highlighting research that informs the current crisis, and providing quick-turn insights to support experts who are on the frontlines battling the spread of the coronavirus.

CNA analysts include experts on maritime security, regional political-military environments, and emergency management and operations.

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Tracking the Pandemic in Prisons

On this episode of CNA Talks, CNA analysts James "Chip" Coldren and Yee San Su sit down with Guy Bosch the warden of the correctional facility in Stillwater, MN. They discuss Safer-C, a simulation and planning model which helps correctional leaders make prisons safer, by tracking the spread of COVID-19 among prisoners and staff.

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Thirteen COVID-19 Resources that Use Artificial Intelligence

By Andy Ilachinski

Andy Ilachinski and David Broyles, co-hosts of AI with AI, CNA’s popular podcast on artificial intelligence, have compiled a timely, annotated list of AI developments and resources related to COVID-19.

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Law Enforcement Innovates for the New Normal

By Elliot Harkavy

Agencies have moved quickly to implement a wide range of practices to protect personnel and the public during this pandemic. Some of these are stopgap measures that will have to be eased as the country eventually returns to normal, or at least a "new normal."

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Modeling the Pandemic to Protect Prisoners and Staff

By James "Chip" Coldren

Prisons and jails throughout the country find themselves in an acute dilemma regarding the coronavirus. With little or no data to guide them, correctional leaders must make important decisions that will affect the spread of COVID-19 among their staff and inmates many times each day. CNA’s Institute for Public Research (IPR) is developing a solution to help fill this knowledge gap.