The Strategies for Policing Innovation Initiative, Reflecting on 10 Years of Innovation

Authors: Christopher M. Sun, James R. "Chip" Coldren, Jr., Keri Richardson, and Emma Wohl

Street robberies, substance abuse, repeat violent offenders and gun violence are the realities faced by police every day in communities throughout America. However, strategies and innovations honed over the past decade that are grounded in the use of research and technology have helped police departments dramatically improve outcomes for the communities they serve.

Many of these advancements are the direct result of a 10-year effort called Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI) spearheaded by the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance working with 57 law enforcement agencies and CNA, a Washington-based non-profit research organization.

SPI: Reflections on 10 Years of Innovation provides an in-depth look at the strategies and innovations participating police departments have put into place and examines if, how and why they have been effective in reducing violent crime, homelessness and substance abuse.

SUMMARY VIDEO discusses how and why SPI strategies have been an effective tool for police departments for the past decade.

Since the inception of SPI in 2009, BJA has funded 57 agencies that have implemented 72 SPI initiatives.


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Year: 2019


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This report examines SPI’s accomplishments since its inception in 2009 and explores some of the major themes across SPI initiatives in both policing and policing research, including the following:

  • Reductions in violent crime
  • Improved crime analysis capabilities in police agencies
  • Evolution of research partnerships with SPI sites
  • Collaborative partnerships with agencies, organizations, and community stakeholders
  • of technology into policing

Five core goals provide the foundation for SPI

  • Creating sustainable partnerships between law enforcement and researchers
  • Using technology, intelligence, and data in innovative ways
  • Enhancing collaboration within law enforcement agencies, with external agencies, and with the communities these agencies serve
  • Promoting evidence-based practices in law enforcement agencies
  • Developing sound strategies for sustaining evidence-based innovations beyond the project’s funding period

To achieve these goals, SPI sites engage in five key policing innovation practices

  • Performance Measurement and Research Partnerships
  • Strategic Targeting
  • Making Better Use of Intelligence and Other Data and Information Systems
  • Managing and Sustaining Organizational Change
  • Outreach and Collaboration