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Mary Chesnut

Mary Chesnut

Research Analyst
  • Strategy, Policy, Plans, and Programs

Mary Chesnut is an expert in nuclear weapons policy and Russian military analysis. Her research at CNA has examined tripolar deterrence, US/NATO-Russian strategic stability in the War in Ukraine, Russian military strategy in the Arctic, and artificial intelligence in Russia. Previously, she was the Program Manager of the Nuclear Security Working Group, a nonpartisan organization with George Washington University which advises Congress on nuclear weapons issues ranging from nonproliferation and arms control to nuclear modernization. Ms. Chesnut has a master's degree in national security studies from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Affairs at the University of Kentucky, and a bachelor's degree in Russian studies from Rhodes College, where she is a permanent Phi Beta Kappa member. Ms. Chesnut speaks Russian.

Areas of Expertise

Geographic areas of expertise: Russia