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May 1, 2018

For Immediate Release
Contact: Fiona Gettinger, Communications Associate, 703-824-2388

Maritime Security Forum to Feature Readers' Choice Authors

ARLINGTON, Va. — On the evening of May 15, CNA and the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) will host the fourth annual CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers (CFAR). The forum covers a range of maritime security issues and is an opportunity for the public to engage subject matter experts on their work and topics of interest. Articles and research on maritime security in the past year were nominated by CIMSEC readers, and the authors of the six highest-voted pieces are invited to speak at the forum.

The winning articles in the CIMSEC category are:

The winning pieces in the CNA category are:

Wills, a CNA research analyst, former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander, and Ph.D. in military history, introduces his article in these words: "Discussion surrounding the announcement of a new NATO Maritime Command for the North Atlantic seems to have settled on the assumption that there is again a vital ‘sea line of communication’ (SLOC) between North America and Europe. Is that the case, or has the passage of over a quarter century changed that calculus? Is Russian naval strategy the same as it was in 1991? This article proposes answers to those questions and more."

Rosen’s and Thuringer’s study draws on a wide range of sources to compile a list of 21 Arctic investments of more than $1 billion by Chinese companies and banks, as well many other smaller investments. The authors examine the legal frameworks for foreign direct investment in the six Arctic nations to reach the conclusion that national laws alone are not sufficient to protect the sensitive region from harm to the marine environment that would spread well beyond national boundaries. "The current legal structure is too diverse to monitor and regulate inbound foreign investments in large projects such as mines, and oil and gas facilities," write Rosen and Thuringer.

At the forum, Goertner, Strachan, Cregge, Wills, Rosen and Thuringer will speak on their winning reports, share their thoughts on recent news developments related to their articles, and explore predictions for the coming year. More details and event registration for CFAR 2018 can be found here. The forum is free and open to the public, with RSVP required. The full list of articles and reports nominated in both categories can be found here.

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Note to writers and editors: CNA is not an acronym and is correctly referenced as "CNA, a research organization in Arlington, VA."