CNA Executive Session

Early Warning Systems: What’s New? What’s Working?

On September 24, 2015, CNA convened an executive session in Arlington, VA, on “Early Warning Systems: What’s New? What’s Working?” This session provided criminal justice leaders, policy makers, and researchers with an opportunity to share information and discuss approaches that deepen our understanding of emerging issues in American policing.

Early warning systems (EWS) are data-based police management tools that are designed to proactively identify officers with a disproportionate number of citizen complaints, use of force, vehicular accidents, etc. These systems are often used to address poor performance and patterns of problem behavior. Research into early warning systems and their effectiveness has gained recent attention and importance in light of police-community relations surrounding highly publicized events such as police shootings, deaths in police custody, and concerns about police use of force. The implementation of these systems, however, is an emerging art, with effective use depending on the quality of existing data, agency expertise, the existence of internal consensus, and other factors. This executive session engaged both researchers and law enforcement practitioners in a review of current knowledge and practice on this topic, in identifying research gaps, and in exploring how agencies can best implement such systems.

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Recordings of the remarks and panels delivered at the session can be accessed by using the following links:

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