The All-Volunteer Force: A Symposium in Honor of Walter Oi

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014, CNA hosted a symposium in honor of Walter Oi on the all-volunteer force.

Walter Oi, the Elmer B. Milliman Professor Emeritus of Economics, was a prominent scholar whose work had significant influence on public policy. Dr. Oi is best known for his academic work on the true costs of the military draft. His work in the 1960s sparked a lively debate on the economics of conscription and was instrumental in convincing President Nixon to establish the President's Commission on an All-Volunteer Armed Force, for which Oi was the senior staff economist. His studies were instrumental in convincing the Commission, the President, and ultimately, the Congress to eliminate the draft and establish an all-volunteer armed force.

For a full biography and photos of Walter Oi, the symposium agenda, and statements from Melvin R. Laird, Alan Greenspan, and Stephen E. Herbits, click here.

For biographies of the symposium speakers, click here.

For the paper, "Walter Oi and His Contributions to the AVF: Theory, Evidence, Persuasion" by Dr. John Warner and Mr. Paul Hogan, click here.

For transcripts from the event, click the links below.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Speakers: Dr. Linda Cavalluzzo, The Honorable Robert Murray, Ms. Marjorie Oi

Opening Keynote Address
Speaker: The Honorable Robert Hale

Presentation: An Economist's Insights on the All-Volunteer Force and the True Cost of the Draft
Speakers: Dr. John Warner and Mr. Paul Hogan

Panel 1: Implementing the All-Volunteer Force
Speakers: Dr. Curtis Gilroy, The Honorable Christopher Jehn, Mr. David Kassing, The Honorable Bernie Rostker, Dr. William Sims

Luncheon Keynote Address
Speaker: The Honorable Christine Fox

Panel 2: Current Issues and Future Challenges of the All-Volunteer Force
Speakers: The Honorable David Chu, Dr. Russell Beland, Dr. Jim Hosek, Dr. Samuel Kleinman, Dr. Aline Quester, Dr. Carla Tighe Murray, The Honorable Frederick Vollrath


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Communications Program Manager

Liza Cordeiro
Senior Advisor Marketing