Michael Kofman
Senior Research Scientist


Michael Kofman is an expert on Russia, Eurasia and Pakistan. His research focuses on security issues in Russia and the former Soviet Union, specializing in defense and military analysis.

Kofman has advised senior military and government officials on Russia, Eurasia and Pakistan and represented the Department of Defense on numerous occasions before foreign officials and dignitaries. In addition to his role at CNA, he is a Kennan Institute Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. Kofman has published numerous articles on security issues in Eurasia, specifically Russia and Ukraine, and has appeared as a featured guest on broadcast news programs throughout the country.

Kofman holds an M.A. in Security Studies with a concentration in International Security from Georgetown University and a B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science from Northeastern University. He is fluent in Russian.


April 17, 2019

Michael Kofman says the Wagner Group operates as, "a sort of public-private partnership between financiers like Prigozhin, and military intelligence, which helps arm, transport, and field these people in support of combat operations."

BuzzFeed News: "Inside the Shadow War Fought by Russian Mercenaries"

April 3, 2019

Michael Kofman says that the Russian military believes that electronic warfare "is part of the answer to U.S. dominance in precision weapons and airspace assault."

Foreign Policy: "Russia Is Tricking GPS to Protect Putin"

March 31, 2019

Michael Kofman says, "Russia's military modernization and force structure expansion had been ignoring the Baltic region until only recently."

The National Interest: "Europe's Worst Nightmare: Here's What a NATO-Russia War Would Look Like"

March 30, 2019

Michael Kofman says, "It sounds quite unrealistic... the project doesn't make sense given the cost of refitting an SSGN or a ship to a SSGN is often equal to the price of building an entirely new one."

The National Interest: "Russia's Typhoon Submarines are the Biggest Ever (Now Armed with 200 Cruise Missiles?)"

March 27, 2019

Michael Kofman says, "In terms of establishing viable air defenses against opponents with fifth generation aircraft, it's quite clear how Russia is trying to tackle the problem of stealth."

The National Interest: "Stealth Slayer: How Russia's S-300, S-400 or S-500 Could Shootdown an F-22 Raptor"

March 25, 2019

Michael Kofman says, "Basically, it makes more sense to spend money to bring the Tu-95 and Tu-160 fleets to higher operational readiness."

The National Interest: "Russia Wants a New Stealth Bomber. It Won't Be Easy to Build for 1 Simple Reason."

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