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Michael Kofman
Research Scientist


Michael Kofman is an expert on Russia, Eurasia and Pakistan. His research focuses on security issues in Russia and the former Soviet Union, specializing in defense and military analysis.

Kofman has advised senior military and government officials on Russia, Eurasia and Pakistan and represented the Department of Defense on numerous occasions before foreign officials and dignitaries. In addition to his role at CNA, he is a Kennan Institute Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. Kofman has published numerous articles on security issues in Eurasia, specifically Russia and Ukraine, and has appeared as a featured guest on broadcast news programs throughout the country.

Kofman holds an M.A. in Security Studies with a concentration in International Security from Georgetown University and a B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science from Northeastern University. He is fluent in Russian.


October 10, 2017

Michael Kofman says "Belarus is led by one of the savviest politicians in the former Soviet space."

Business Insider: "Russia Is Training to Take Control of Belarus' Military in Case War Breaks out With the West"

October 6, 2017

Michael Kofman says “The Northern Fleet ‘deployed several battalions from its motor rifle brigades for live fire exercises, defending against land and air attacks.’”

Real Clear Defense: “Zapad-2017: A Major Russian War Against NATO, Again”

October 5, 2017

CNA analysts Samuel Bendett, Olga Oliker and Michael Kofman spoke on a panel on "Russia's Military Robots: Key Trends and Developments in Russia's Unmanned Systems" at CSIS on Thursday, October 5. Click here to register.

October 1, 2017

Michael Kofman says "The exercise did a good job showing how Russia continues to improve combined arms operations, coordinating between different services."

The New York Times: "Vast Exercise Demonstrated Russia's Growing Military Prowess"

October 1, 2017

Michael Kofman writes "Like the Soviet Navy before it, the Russian Navy's true power lies in its submarine force."

U.S. Naval Institute: "Russia's Fifth-Generation Sub Looms"

September 23, 2017

CNA analyst Michael Kofman publishes “Zapad Watch – Summary of 'Post Exercise' Exercises (The Zapad Hangover)” to his blog, Russian Military Analysis