Michael Kofman
Senior Research Scientist


Michael Kofman is an expert on Russia, Eurasia and Pakistan. His research focuses on security issues in Russia and the former Soviet Union, specializing in defense and military analysis.

Kofman has advised senior military and government officials on Russia, Eurasia and Pakistan and represented the Department of Defense on numerous occasions before foreign officials and dignitaries. In addition to his role at CNA, he is a Kennan Institute Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. Kofman has published numerous articles on security issues in Eurasia, specifically Russia and Ukraine, and has appeared as a featured guest on broadcast news programs throughout the country.

Kofman holds an M.A. in Security Studies with a concentration in International Security from Georgetown University and a B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science from Northeastern University. He is fluent in Russian.


July 2, 2018

Michael Kofman says, “Russia's advanced radar, variety of capable missiles and systems that try to integrate large amounts of data for a more potent air defense will increasingly segregate Western air forces into two benches.”

The National Interest: “Air Battle Royal: Air Force F-22 and F-35s vs. Russia Deadly S-400 (Who Wins?)”

June 27, 2018

Michael Kofman says, “Syria is now the good war, designed to bloody the Russian armed forces and a sustainable training pipeline for senior officers.”

The National Interest: “How Russia's Military Is Becoming Even Deadlier”

June 22, 2018

Michael Kofman says that Russia “got stuck in a fitful escalation where they kept trying to find the leverage to get the political concessions they wanted from Ukraine.”

CEPA's Power Vertical Podcast : “Raiders of the Lost Empire”

June 21, 2018

Michael Kofman says, “The reason for Russia’s integration, is that the ISR capabilities required for air defense, missile defense, and anti-satellite missions are closely related and multirole.”

Defense News: “As Trump Pushes for Separate Space Force, Russia Moves Fast the Other Way”

June 19, 2018

Michael Kofman says, “Russia’s Baltic Fleet is not much of a naval force, but it can blockade Baltic ports for a while, mine them, and effect sea denial.”

The National Interest: “Would Navy Aircraft Carriers Be Useless in a War Against Russia?”

June 19, 2018

Michael Kofman says, “Russia’s military is not configured to occupy large amounts of land or replace combat losses in offensive operations.”

The National Interest: “The Rise of Russia's Military”