Barry Howell, Ph.D.
Research Program Director


Barry Howell is the director of CNA's Fleet Plans and Requirements Program. His work focuses on the development of plans, concepts, doctrine, and logistics to support US military operations worldwide.

Howell is an expert in operations analysis, experimental design, modeling and simulation, military logistics and planning, command and control (C2), strike operations, and the application of empirical data techniques. His team employs classic operations research methods, event reconstruction, and other techniques in their work.

Howell served as a field representative and subsequently received the US Navy League's William S. Parsons Award for Scientific and Technical Progress in 1998. During the 9/11 era, he served as a scientific analyst to the Chief of Naval Operations, Director of Strategy and Policy. He has supported several military operations over his career—including Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003), Operation Tomodachi (2011), and Odyssey Dawn (2011)—and led numerous studies on strike warfare, C2, and exercise and operational assessments.

Prior to joining CNA, Howell was a post-doctoral research fellow at Purdue University and a Fulbright Fellow at Japan's KEK National Laboratory for High Energy Physics. He has deep knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region and speaks fluent Japanese.

Howell holds a BS in physics and mathematical science from Brigham Young University and a PhD in physics from Purdue University.