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Capability Calculators

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Public Safety and Security Response (PSSR) Capability Calculator

This free tool estimates the resources a jurisdiction may need to execute a public safety and security response (PSSR) to a large event (e.g., a concert or sporting event) or an incident (e.g., a riot or terrorist attack). The calculator also estimates the costs associated with a PSSR.

PSSR teams are capable of managing large-scale operations during an emergency or a public event. Critical operations conducted by these teams include crowd management, traffic control and enforcement, and establishment of a general saturation presence. Through these operations, PSSR teams maintain order and preserve the peace. Teams are trained to operate in a variety of environments, including environments that have sustained chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) exposure. PSSR teams engage in routine training to maintain an advanced skill level.

There are two different categories of PSSR resources included in this calculator:

  • Crowd Control Team: A Crowd Control Team must be prepared to manage crowds, control traffic, and maintain a general saturation presence in an effort to maintain order and preserve the peace. Crowd Control Teams are prepared to operate in CBRN environments.
  • Perimeter and Checkpoint Team: A Perimeter and Checkpoint Team must be prepared to manage crowds, control traffic, and secure the area’s perimeter using perimeter patrols and checkpoints.

The tool calculates initial and life-cycle costs for acquiring and maintaining the PSSR capability. Users can customize the types, costs, and quantities of personnel and equipment to reflect their jurisdiction’s needs. The tool helps estimate jurisdiction-specific costs to assist with budget forecasting and grant investment justification.