Precision Policing Initiative Toolkit

Graphic detailing the five goals of the Precision Policing Initiative

CNA developed this toolkit to help law enforcement agencies across the nation to share information about promising programs. This interactive presentation includes links to resources from the COPS Office Precision Policing Initiative (PPI) and other collaborative efforts to provide safer neighborhoods by leveraging partnerships, analysis, research and technology. The goal of this toolkit is to help police identify and implement similar activities that will benefit their own agencies.

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  • Officer Resiliency and Wellness Lesson Plan: This eight-hour curriculum is designed to inform law enforcement officers, leaders, and executives about the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s wellness model.
  • Performance & Recovery Optimization Presentation: This presentation on Performance & Recovery Optimization (PRO) was delivered at the March 2018 meeting of the Safer Neighborhoods through Precision Policing Initiative.
  • Healthy Professional and Personal Relationships: This training presentation is focused on cultivating health professional and personal relationships.
  • MyPD Application Training: This training presentation explains how to use the Arlington, TX Police Department MyPD mobile application.
  • Antiviolence Coordinator Description: This City of Albany job description describes the duties of an Antiviolence Coordinator.
  • Community Safety Survey: This Colorado Police Department survey is designed to assess community perception of safety. Indio Community Survey Final Report: This report by Arizona State University provides the results from a community survey of Indio, California residents about their views of crime and the Indio Police Department.
  • Indio Community Survey: This Indio Police Department survey is designed to assess community perception of the police department.
  • Indio Police Department CORP presentation: This presentation describes the Indio Police Department’s Community Outreach Resource Program (CORP).
  • Youth Pre Test (English | Spanish), Youth Post Test (English | Spanish): These youth surveys are designed to assess the relationship between police and youth.
  • Volunteer Handbook: This volunteer handbook is from the 360 Blueprint program, which is focused on helping at-risk youth with mentoring, tutoring, and other services.
  • Commander Training: This training briefing is on the Chicago Police Department’s On The Gang School Safety Team, a joint agency based intervention strategy.
  • VCU LIFE Report: This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the Richmond Police Department Law Enforcement Intervention Focusing on Education (LIFE) program.
  • Media Presentation: This communications strategy presentation was given at a March 2018 meeting.

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