Texas Energy-Water Simulator

Texas Energy-Water Simulator

The Situation

In 2011, the state of Texas experienced the worst single-year drought in its recorded history. Demand for electricity was at an all-time high because of the heat, and the water needed to cool the state’s coal, nuclear, and gas power plants was in short supply.

In some places, water levels had dropped below intake pipes; in others, available water was too hot to provide effective cooling.

Texans were warned that rolling blackouts were possible, as power plants that could not be properly cooled would have to shut down.

Our Solution: The Energy-Water Simulator

An innovative tool to help states and regulators make decisions on electricity supply and demand to reduce the vulnerability to drought by reducing water needs.

  • Change energy demand assumptions
  • Determine how electricity is supplied
  • See how those decisions impact the power supply and demand balance, water use, air pollution, carbon dioxide emissions and costs