Strategic Planning and Mission Analysis

CNA helps our government clients develop their missions and goals aligned with the larger objectives and vision of their organization. We work alongside clients to fully understand what their organizations do, what they may no longer need to do, and what new activities and investments may be required to more effectively meet client objectives and contribute to the agency’s plans and vision. We help our clients in executing their strategic plans and monitoring their progress toward their strategic goals.

FAA NextGen Portfolio: On Demand Information Management

CNA was heavily involved in the development of portfolio governance processes, policies, and procedures for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) Directorate and NextGen offices, delivering recommendations and reports on operational improvements, automation enhancements, and program realignments. We participated in the On Demand National Airspace System (NAS) Information portfolio planning groups and were instrumental in the creation of the first NextGen Segment Implementation Plan on infrastructure renewal, key roadmaps for aeronautical information flow and automation, decision support tool integration, and business process changes.

Strategic Plan for Aeronautical Information Exchange

CNA has helped shape the FAA’s AIM directorate’s strategic plan for harmonizing use of the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) model among FAA systems. CNA’s support comes out of our comprehensive understanding of the FAA’s operational needs for an aeronautical information exchange model and an understanding of the model’s direction as guided by other international standards leaders. As part of an FAA intra-organizational collaborative effort, CNA developed a data model extension to support traffic flow management data for the FAA. This work helped not only to standardize the traffic flow information being distributed by the FAA, but also to foster collaboration with other information exchange models.

Service Analysis

CNA helps our government clients translate goals and objectives into system requirements through application of rigorous analytical methods. We work to understand the information and operational environment to define a solution to meet client needs based on constraints. Our culture of working closely with the client to see firsthand the problems facing them, and to understand what their issues and concerns are, enables us to provide actionable recommendations on solutions that benefit the agency in both the short term and the long term.

Aeronautical Information Management Modernization

CNA supported the acquisition of the AIM Modernization (AIMM) Segment 2 Program. CNA’s support started with development of the program concept of operations, providing a description of the planned system based on iterative dialog with the client and CNA’s deep understanding of the client’s goals. CNA supported prototyping and industry engagement, which was used to gain an understanding of the difficulty of implementing the planned system, as well as readiness of industry to support such an effort. CNA also supported development of the system requirements, acquisition documentation, and the entire acquisition process. Having a trusted expert throughout the process resulted in a successful acquisition of the AIMM Segment 2 Program for the FAA.