Our Team

  • Liza Cordeiro, M.A., Senior Advisor, Marketing
    Liza has experience in crisis communications, public relations, print, design, social media, public speaking, and media consulting, as well as in marketing and image development. Read More
  • Michael Flory, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
    Michael has expertise in college and career readiness, with a focus on accelerated coursework, career and technical education, and rural settings. Read More
  • Tom Geraghty, Ph.D., Research Scientist
    Tom has extensive expertise in quantitative research and analysis, with a focus on college and career readiness and teacher effectiveness. Read More
  • Julie Harris, Ph.D., Research Analyst
    Julie has expertise in quantitative research on improving college readiness and college-going rates. Read More
  • Stacey Jordan, M.A., Vice President and Director, Education
    Stacey has over two decades of experience in education policy. Read More
  • Patty Kannapel, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
    Patty specializes in applied qualitative research with a focus on education policy, research-practice partnerships, and action research. Read More
  • Bettina Kimpton, Ph.D., Editor
    Bettina has editing experience in a range of topics, including education and international development. Read More
  • Steve Lee, Ph.D., Research Analyst
    Steve uses quantitative methods to study college readiness, teacher evaluation, and career and technical education programs. Read More
  • Daniel Leeds, Ph.D., Research Analyst
    Daniel is a quantitative research analyst with expertise in quasi-experimental research design. Read More
  • Mia Carre B. Long, M.Ed., J.D., Associate Research Analyst
    Mia has extensive experience conducting and analyzing research for policy papers and resource guides to improve educational outcomes for vulnerable populations—specifically, within the Native American community. Read More
  • Christine Mokher, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
    Christine has extensive research expertise in college and career readiness and student transitions from secondary to postsecondary education. Read More
  • Rikesh Nana, M.P.P., Research Specialist
    Rikesh’s diverse background in education policy research includes areas such as college and career readiness, workforce development, rural schools, rigorous course access, and teacher evaluation. Read More
  • Juliana Pearson, M.A., Associate Research Analyst
    Juliana has expertise in education policy research, with an emphasis on college and career readiness, career and technical education, and workforce development. Read More
  • Simone Robers, M.A., Managing Director, Education
    Simone has nearly a decade of experience in education research, analysis, and project management. Read More
  • Jessica Robinson, Lead Administrative Project Assistant
    Jessica has years of experience working in demanding, fast-paced environments. Read More
  • Art Sheekey, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Education
    Art has expertise in education research, education technology, education policy and reform, rural education, federal budget and policy, and technical assistance. Read More
  • Christopher Sun, M.P.P.A., Research Analyst
    Chris has more than eight years of quantitative and qualitative analytical experience, as well as program management and facilitation expertise in education. Read More
  • Lul H. Tesfai, M.P.P., Senior Policy Director
    Lul's research expertise includes policy and strategy development for adult career and technical education (CTE) programs. She joined the Education team in 2017. Read More
  • Sarah Waters, Communications Assistant
    Sarah plays a key role in developing, executing, and measuring the success of strategic communications plans for CNA Education. Read More
  • Lu Young, Ed.D., Principal Research Scientist
    Lu has decades of experience in state assessment and accountability practices, professional learning, program evaluation and resource allocation, and education leadership. Read More