Teacher and Principal Evaluation System Research in Maryland

In the 2013/14 school year, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) fully implemented a Teacher and Principal Evaluation Model (TPE) based on a combination of measures of professional practice and student growth. Since it was established, the quality of TPE system implementation has varied across schools and districts. Through funding provided by Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), CNA Education assisted MSDE investigate the validity of the TPE model by conducting a study to identify correlations between TPE outcomes and observable teacher characteristics.

After the results of this study were delivered in the summer of 2016, MSDE requested that CNA Education conduct follow-up research to examine the relationship between teacher effectiveness and student achievement at the school level through funding provided by SREB. Through this analysis, we will determine whether an effective teacher workforce correlates with students scoring proficient on the PARCC. Conversely, we will determine whether an ineffective teacher workforce correlates with students scoring below proficient on the PARCC.