The CTE Equation in Florida and Tennessee

The extent to which career and technical education programs correspond to labor market demands has important implications both for students and for employers. Students want to be prepared for good careers, while employers seek skilled workers to fill jobs in high-demand areas. However, research shows that many states struggle to align education and training with workforce trends.

These two reports, The CTE Equation in Florida and The CTE Equation in Tennessee, use local and state-level labor market data to assess whether local CTE programs align well with high-growth, high-wage careers. The reports map data on in-demand careers in each state to Career Clusters, occupational categories—such as Health Science—into which CTE programs of study are organized by the National Career Clusters® Framework. In Tennessee, we also used supply-side data to match high school CTE program offerings to the Career Clusters.

Educators, employers, and policymakers in Florida and Tennessee can use the report results to determine whether CTE programs align well with current and future labor market needs. Similar data-matching techniques can be used in other states or local areas.

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