Latin America Strategy and Policy Program

The Latin America Strategy and Policy program applies CNA’s diverse set of methods and analytical tools, the experience of its expert analytical staff, and its commitment to in-depth, on-the-ground data collection and analysis to issues related to security and stability across the Americas.

In recent years the Latin America Strategy and Policy program has supported U.S. government and partner government sponsors with analysis on a variety of issues, including:

  • The effects of organized crime and illicit trafficking in Central America and the effectiveness of U.S. and regional efforts to counter threat networks
  • The strategic and security implications of new investments and activities in the region by external state actors including China, Russia, and Iran
  • U.S. Navy partnerships with key regional navies in strategic perspective
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of Colombian security training in Central America
  • Strategic assessments of Brazil as a security partner of the United States, and opportunities for strengthening U.S.-Brazilian naval relations
  • Cuba’s intelligence and security institutions and prospects for U.S.-Cuban security dialogue
  • What can records from Colombia’s demobilized guerrillas tell us about the incentives of FARC and ELN fighters?
  • Impacts of climate change on national and regional security, with a focus on how climate unpredictability affected Colombian counterinsurgency operations in 2005-2010
  • Assessing the effectiveness of U.S. security capacity-building efforts in Central America and the Caribbean

The Latin America Strategy and Policy team includes political scientists, economists, historians, and former policymakers in defense and law enforcement. We specialize in in-depth field research exploring the complexities of local communities, governments, security forces and institutions, and international affairs. The team collaborates with analysts from across CNA with special technical, functional, or operational knowledge and skills, and with a region-wide network of security analysts and experts.

Our work directly supports offices and programs from across the Navy, Marine Corps, and Defense Department, including Southern Command, NAVSO/Fourth Fleet, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy—Western Hemisphere Affairs, as well as several offices at the Department of State, including Security Cooperation and the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement.

Several of our reports and products are not available for distribution. Some recent publications that are cleared for public access include:

  • Veronica De Allende, Ph.D
  • Maria Kingsley
  • Alison Vernon
  • Gary Bland, Ph.D.
  • Rebecca Bill-Chavez, Ph.D.