Iranian Studies Program

CNA’s Iranian Studies Program (ISP) develops innovative approaches to understanding Iran’s strategic thinking, its institutions and processes, and the social and economic dynamics of this strategically important country.

The opaque nature of the regime in Tehran, and the linguistic, cultural, and political barriers to interaction, make it difficult to gain insights on Iran, its people, and its government. ISP’s team of analysts overcome these barriers to produce cutting-edge, non-partisan research on Iran. They are experts on Iranian political, social, economic, and military affairs, and are noted for their language skills (several are fluent in Persian-Farsi and Arabic), their in-depth knowledge of Iran, and their complementary disciplinary and educational backgrounds.

The program also partners with scholars, think-tanks, and academic institutions around the world – giving analysts unique perspectives on developments in Iran and the Middle East, enriching their research, and adding to their significant knowledge base.

Team Members: