International Affairs Group

CNA’s International Affairs Group (IAG) provides innovative, timely, in-depth research and independent analysis across a wide range of security and political-military issues worldwide, and offers both regional and functional expertise.

Its regional specialists conduct analyses on issues associated with Europe, NATO, the Mediterranean and Black Sea littorals, Latin America, Africa, and the Pacific. Its functional specialties include leadership analysis, coalition integration and interoperability, proliferation, force structure and deployment, operational strategy, and work associated with partner capacity building.

IAG’s relationship with the Navy and Marine Corps has allowed its analysts to develop important insights into military command decision-making processes. Through CNA's renowned field program, CNA analysts have been given first-hand access to problems and solutions at the operational level. (IAG analysts have deployed to military commands in all of the major theaters of operation.)

The IAG approach to complex issues is characterized by rigorous methodology, a heavy reliance on primary sources, and the unmatched operational and policy expertise of our analysts. IAG research is also informed by its analysts' years of in-country experience, an understanding of local perspectives, and in-house expertise in languages including Arabic, Russian, French, and Persian.

IAG is home to CNA's Middle East experts and senior analysts, who for many years have provided highly valued research informed by cultural and historic knowledge. This cadre of experts makes frequent visits to the Middle East and has close relationships with research institutions in the region. IAG also has experts on South Asia and the Indian Ocean littoral.

Recent IAG studies have examined building maritime capacity in the Gulf of Guinea, the Mediterranean, and the Persian Gulf; Iranian negotiating strategies; the North Korean leadership; and strategic communications in the war on terror.

Kenneth Gause, Director

IAG Areas of Focus

  • Building partner capacity
  • Leadership analysis
  • Counterterrorism
  • Interagency and NGO integration
  • Maritime security operations
  • Coalition integration and interoperability
  • Understanding political, social, and cultural factors
  • Force structure and deployment issues
  • Shaping and influence

International Affairs Group Contact

Ken E. Gause

Director, International Affairs Group

(703) 824-2451