Independent Design of a Military Department of Space

CNA Response to Congressional Tasking

In response to a directive by Congress (FY18 NDAA Section 1601d), the Deputy Secretary of Defense has tasked CNA to conduct an independent design of a Military Department of Space. Our approach includes consultation with stakeholders and subject matter experts across the national security space community, analysis of quantitative performance data and qualitative best practices, and regular feedback from a Space Advisory Council comprised of retired United States government and Department of Defense experts. CNA will deliver its study to the deputy secretary of defense toward the end of the year. The report will propose a design for a Military Department of Space, if the government were to create one.

Research Team

Margaux Hoar
Project Team Lead

Margaux has led or overseen organizational designs and redesigns for OPNAV and SECNAV clients and command organizations at multiple Navy and Marine Corps echelons. Read more

Eileen Chollet

Mission and Functions lead, has examined the missions, functions, and processes of OSD level, Joint, and Navy operations centers.

Mark E. Rosen

Legislative lead for the project, has served in a wide variety of legal and operational positions including service as a military planner at the Joint Staff and OPNAV.
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Kory Fierstine

Resource and Cost Impact lead, is an expert in defense contracts, budget and acquisition policy, and acquisition program cost analysis. Read more

Charles Porter

Senior Analyst and Principle Research Scientist, has 27 years of military experience, with over 15 years of experience in Air Force acquisition.