CNA Creates Organizational Troop-to-Task (OT3) Wargames

Abstract represetnation of networking nodes

CNA's Troop-to Task Wargame (OT3) is designed for senior military leaders who are standing up new organizations, or restructuring existing ones, and wish to test their performance before implementing them. It establishes a laboratory-like setting to run the organization through a variety of realistic scenarios at a realistic tempo.

The game helps leaders answer key questions about resources and tasking—who, what and how long.

  • Is the organization right-sized and right-staffed for the assigned mission?
  • Where are the gaps and seams in executing responsibilities within the organization, or across organizations?
  • What is the organization’s capability to respond to expected and unexpected events within a continuum of operations?

"Organizational Troop-to-Task (OT3) Wargames" outlines the rules and requirements to assemble and execute an OT3 wargame—from designing personnel cards and building scenarios to execution. Data collection is a critical piece of OT3 and allows for qualitative and quantitative analysis that supports recommendations for organizational design that are unique to each wargame.

CNA has executed OT3 wargames for US Africa Command, OPNAV N4, III MEF, and OPNAV N7. Contact Margaux Hoar or Jeremy Sepinsky for more information.